Ukraine: A conflict soaked in contradictions

There are wars in Africa and Asia and some are rarely commented on in the media, so why is Ukraine different?

Impressions on my way to the Ukranian border

A South African writer shares insights along his journey as he tries to to enter Ukraine

Russian forces attack Ukrainian nuclear plant

President Volodymr Zelensky spoke with world leaders, including US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who called for a halt to fighting at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

Russia seizes key southern Ukraine city as one million refugees flee

The capture of the Black Sea city of 290 000 people appeared a significant boost for Moscow as it readied for potential ceasefire talks on Thursday.

Four alleged Isis members in South Africa sanctioned by US treasury

They serve either as leaders of Islamic State cells or provide support in funnelling funds out of the country, according to the United States

World Taekwondo revokes Putin’s honorary black belt over Ukraine

As Russian troops amass outside Kyiv world leaders have heaped punishing economic sanctions on Putin and his closest allies

France withdraws from Mali, but continues to devastate the Sahel

French troops have now begun to leave Mali, but they are not returning to France. They will be sent to neighbouring Niger

Putin orders nuclear alert as Ukraine fiercely resists Russian invasion

Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement that his nuclear forces were on alert sparked outcry in the West as the invading troops faced stiff resistance on Monday. The...

EU/AU summit: Another missed opportunity?

Between Africa and Europe, is it possible to talk of a win-win partnership, of complementarity and common interests?

Initiative to blacklist Switzerland gains traction in European Union

Support is growing in the European Parliament against Swiss banks’ role in money laundering

Ramaphosa urges UN Security Council to mediate end to Ukraine war

As Russian troops entered Kiev, the president said if ever there were a time for the security council to intervene it was now, adding that he planned to speak to both Moscow and Washington

The American political process is disconnected from economic reality

While the Democrats and Republicans use an outdated political playbook, people need protection from the capitalist system itself

Explainer: How severe are the new sanctions on Russia?

As Russia unleashes its war in Ukraine, the US and the EU have prepared new sanctions aimed at punishing Putin's regime.

Algerians grapple with ‘shame’ of fathers who fought for colonial France

Both France and Algeria have pushed narratives about the Harkis that are incorrect, the first being that these men joined the French army for ideological reasons

View on the ground: Ukraine invasion is ‘unjust’

EU condemns Russia attack on Ukraine, calling it ‘barbaric’; South Africa urges all parties to ‘devote increased efforts to diplomacy’

Despite West’s help, Ukraine forces vastly outnumbered by Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose country had massed some 150 000 troops on the border in recent months, on Thursday ordered military operations against Ukraine.

Russia’s Putin launches ‘military operation’ in Ukraine

Weeks of intense diplomacy and the imposition of Western sanctions on Russia failed to deter Putin, who had massed between 150 000 and 200 000 troops along the borders of Ukraine.

Suisse Secrets: How Credit Suisse became the bank of spies

During the War on Terror, international strategy relied on intelligence officials from regimes accused of corruption and torture. Several of these spies and their families held large sums at Credit Suisse.