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/ 27 December 2007

Zim glad to see end of ‘year of queues’

After a year which saw the official inflation rate surge to 8 000%, shelves run dry and opposition leaders beaten up, few people in Zimbabwe can wait to see the back of 2007. While President Robert Mugabe hopes to secure a seventh term of office in elections next year, he is unlikely to trade heavily on his government’s recent economic performance.

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/ 28 October 2007

Energy crisis compounds problems in Zimbabwe

An escalating energy crisis has pulled the plug on hopes of reviving Zimbabwe’s economy as production grinds to a halt in a manufacturing sector already battling sky-high inflation. Although central bank chief Gideon Gono said that shelves would soon be full again after a pricing crackdown, analysts say the power deficit will accelerate the meltdown as inflation nears 8 000%.