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/ 25 March 2008

Despite Kenya peace deal, ethnic tensions simmer

Nearly three months after the worst massacre of Kenya’s post-election violence, children’s shoes and charred clothes remain in the ashes of a rural church where about 30 people were burned to death. Wreaths of dried-out flowers lie where a mob set fire to the Assemblies of God building with 100 or so terrified villagers cowering inside.

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/ 23 January 2008

Kenya strife keeps world’s oldest pupil from school

Kimani Nganga sat in a classroom for the first time when he was 84. Four years later, the world’s oldest person to date to start school is stranded in one of Kenya’s camps for the displaced, with no classes to go to. Surrounded by about 300 other people displaced by post-election violence Nganga lives in a large tent packed with mattresses, white metal basins teeming with ants and bundles of clothes.