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/ 4 January 2008

Kenya police deploy to block rally

Huge numbers of Kenyan police deployed on Friday to block an opposition rally in Nairobi as Washington sent its top Africa diplomat to help resolve a post-election crisis that has claimed more then 350 lives. On Thursday, police had used water cannon and tear gas to disperse opposition supporters marching on the city centre for a "million-man" rally.

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/ 25 October 2007

UN on climate: It’s now or never to save the planet

Humanity is changing Earth’s climate so fast and devouring resources so voraciously that it is poised to bequeath a ravaged planet to future generations, the United Nations warned on Thursday in its most comprehensive survey of the environment. The fourth <i>Global Environment Outlook</i> is compiled by 390 experts from observations, studies and data garnered over two decades.

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/ 5 November 2006

Mideast torn over Saddam verdict

Saddam Hussein’s death sentence on Sunday drew an outpouring of vengeful glee among the ousted Iraqi despot’s former foes in the Middle East and muted discontent from Sunni radicals. Iraq’s Shi’ites, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, rejoiced when the deposed president was sentenced to death by hanging.

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/ 26 August 2004

Sea of Shi’ites forces open Najaf shrine

The gates of Najaf’s Imam Ali Shrine were forced open on Thursday by a sea of weeping and chanting Shi’ite Muslims, ending a siege of the shrine that had lasted for days and weeks of fighting with United States forces. Yet as the camp of radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr went into talks, the military stand-off appeared far from over.
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