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/ 31 January 2008

Selebi ‘taking it on the chin’

It will likely be a short first appearance for police National Commissioner Jackie Selebi in the Randburg Regional Court on Friday, a member of his legal team said. Selebi would be present at the court but it was likely that his case was going to be postponed, advocate Fanus Coetzee said on Thursday.

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/ 14 January 2008

Police move to reassure South Africa

South Africa’s embattled police force on Monday sought to reassure the crime-ridden country after a weekend that saw its police chief placed on extended leave in a widening corruption scandal. The South African Police Service was under intense public scrutiny before it was disclosed last week that Jackie Selebi would face charges of corruption and defeating the course of justice.

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/ 7 December 2007

Firearms ‘have completely changed the face of crime’

Not only are robbers hitting more houses, they now prefer to strike when residents are at home, the Institute for Security Studies said on Friday. ”It’s fairly obvious that this is what’s happening,” said researcher Johan Burger. ”There seems to be a correlation between the decrease in burglary figures and the increase … in the house-robbery figure,” he said.

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/ 1 November 2007

More cops not the answer to crime, seminar hears

Tackling crime required community involvement and could not merely be solved with more police officers, a seminar on policing in Pretoria heard on Thursday. ”Because crime is a social problem, [there] has to be a social solution, involving more players than just the police,” Temba Mathe of the National Secretariat for Safety and Security said.

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/ 31 October 2007

Warning against closing elite police units

Closing specialised police units may result in a loss of informer networks, expertise and team spirit, a seminar on policing in South Africa heard on Wednesday. ”To destroy this is a very serious thing that needs to be thought through,” said a senior researcher with the Institute for Security Studies, Johan Burger.