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Enter the perplexing password

The accepted doctrine about how to create these annoying codes is failing our security, writes Oliver Burkeman.

The virtual cloud hangs over us

Technology was supposed to make things simpler. This was the famous promise of those laughable 1960s predictions about life in the 21st century.

The secret to winning the war on email

Every email that isn't garbage can be categorised as either "active" or "reference", writes <b>Oliver Burkeman</b>.

Groupon: The golden nugget

There's nothing new in bulk buying and negotiating discounts. But Groupon does it in 47 countries for more than 70-million people.

Has the Apple iPad saved journalism from extinction?

In this parlous climate for the traditional media, a journalist who gets too excited about a gadget such as the iPad is liable to attract scorn.

You’ve been a great audience …

The gaffes, the gibberish, the gurning. Admit it: there's a part of him you're going to miss. Oliver Burkeman on Bush's comic legacy.

Carts on the beat

Rising fuel costs make electric golf carts an unusual alternative to cars.

Hotel advice from hotheads

One amusing way to waste five minutes on the internet is to visit the website, which features thousands of travellers' hotel reviews.

Boggle-eyed and on the big screen

There are few places on the planet where the influence of five bright yellow residents of Springfield has yet to be felt, and there will be fewer still with the long-awaited arrival of the first Simpsons movie. Oliver Burkeman meets the creators of the series.

Tattoo your couch

It's okay to draw on the furniture, writes Tanya Farber.

Potjiekos and proteas

Tanya Farber reports on how the clothing design and decor industries are benefitting from trendies turning to designs that draw on local iconography.

Brand Patterson

Using a team of co-authors, James Patterson has become perhaps the world's most successful writer.

Neil Young takes a dig at Bush

With the George W Bush's approval rating down to 33% in some polls, his lowest ever, an overt message from a musician of Neil Young's stature could find a large audience, reports Oliver Burkeman in New York.

Lockerbie families offered $2,7bn

The Libyan government has promised to pay $10-million compensation to each of the 270 families bereaved in the Lockerbie bombing, a law firm representing many of the relatives revealed this week. The offer of $2,7-billion has to be approved by the families.

From the soul of a slave

Last year an American professor stumbled upon a book written by a female slave in the 1850s. Could it possibly be authentic? If so, it would be the earliest known novel by a black woman, write Esther Addley and Oliver Burkeman.

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Vodacom swindled out of more than R24m worth of Apple iPhones

A former employee allegedly ran an intricate scam to steal 8700 phones from the cellular giant

We will find resources to ensure the Zondo commission completes its work — Lamola

Justice Minister Ronald Lamola says his department will ensure the state capture commission is afforded the financial resources to complete its work, despite the treasury’s uncertainty

Tobacco industry calls Dlamini-Zuma’s bid to appeal ban a costly folly

The minister could spend the state’s money on fighting Covid-19 and cigarette cartels, tobacco manufacturers argue

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