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/ 6 June 2006

Bodies at Iraq desert crime scene have story to tell

Draped in the traditional jackets and robes of southern Iraq, the skeletons lie in a grim tableau at the bottom of the sandy ditch, their jaws open and blindfolds of tattered Arab scarves tied around their empty eye sockets. "I believe they were shot here," said Michael Trimble, head of the mass graves unit for the Regime Crimes Liaison Office in Iraq.

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/ 23 January 2006

Who’s to judge Saddam Hussein?

With the trial of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein on charges of crimes against humanity set to resume Tuesday, the court still had to decide on Monday who will be the chief judge. For the last seven sessions Judge Rizkar Mohammed Amin has been the most public judicial face of the trial of Saddam and seven co-defendants over the massacre of Shi’ites from the town of Dujail in the 1980s.

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/ 17 December 2005

Focus builds on future Iraqi government

Political leaders in Iraq and abroad focused on Saturday on the shape of a government for the next four years, mulling how to include Sunni elements and tackle the nation’s endemic violence. Though the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq cautioned that ballots were still being counted and official results would not be available for some time, preliminary estimates indicated polarised results similar to the last elections.