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/ 8 July 2004

Morocco ‘overrun’ by locusts

Morocco complained on Thursday that international aid to help it fight off a plague of locusts threatening its crops has fallen far short of what is needed. Since June 30 on average 106 000 hectares a day have been infested and swarms are heading south, in particular to Mauritania, Mali and Senegal.

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/ 9 June 2004

Moroccan parties start new left-wing group

Five Moroccan left-wing parties have set up a new grouping called the Rally of the Democratic Left (RGD), the main aim of which is to lay the groundwork for a fully-fledged political party, the group said on Wednesday. ”A left-wing party … based on a multiplicity of ideologies has not yet been tested in our country,” an RGD spokesperson said.

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/ 25 February 2004

Aftershocks rattle devastated Morocco

More than 20 aftershocks rattled northwestern Morocco through the night and into Wednesday morning in the wake of the killer earthquake on Tuesday that claimed more than 560 lives in the region of Al Hoceima. One of the aftershocks measured 4,2 on the Richter scale, after the primary quake that registered 6,3.
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/ 24 February 2004

Earth shakes in Morocco

A powerful earthquake measuring more than six points on the Richter scale struck northern Morocco overnight on Tuesday, killing at least 300 people. Local rescue workers and medical staff said several hundred people were injured. The death toll was expected to rise throughout the day, the Interior Ministry said.

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/ 15 January 2004

New code boosts women’s rights in Morocco

A parliamentary commission in Morocco has unanimously recommended a new family code putting wives on a more equal footing with their husbands, officials said on Thursday. The legal age at which girls can marry will be raised from 15 to 18 and polygamy will be permitted only under highly restrictive conditions.

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/ 26 September 2003

Death sentences in Morocco terrorism cases

Moroccan courts have sentenced two Islamic fundamentalists to death for murder and preparing terrorist acts, and passed heavy jail sentences on two fundamentalist preachers said to be the brains behind suicide attacks in May. Abdelouahab Rabii and Hamid Slimani were sentenced in Rabat late on Thursday for preparing acts of terrorism.