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/ 17 October 2006

SA municipalities to raise R20bn

South African municipalities will raise up to R20-billion to fund major infrastructure projects over the next three years, a National Treasury official said on Tuesday. South Africa is planning massive capital expenditure to help push economic growth to at least 6% by 2010 in an attempt to cut widespread poverty.

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/ 2 June 2005

Poor countries ‘will compete’ for donor aid

It is inevitable that poor countries will compete for donor aid, Tanzania’s President Benjamin Mkapa told delegates at the World Economic Forum’s Africa Economic Summit in Cape Town on Thursday. Steve Booysen, chief executive of Absa, said business has been slow to take advantage of the changing political landscape in Africa.

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/ 20 May 2004

‘SA govt is lackey of imperialism’

The Cape Town Anti-War Coalition (ATC) called on the South African government on Thursday to expel the Israeli ambassador as well as cut all trade and diplomatic ties with Israel, which it accuses of "ethic cleansing". The ATC will be supporting a protest before the gates of Parliament on Friday.
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