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The need for education in today’s society

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We are at a time where the most formative and definitive education appears to be occurring outside of the classroom. Opinions are being formed beyond the textbook; nuance and experience are the new building blocks.

Join the high school students behind Ukuzibuza.com, author and activist Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, and education stalwart Mary Metcalfe as they exchange perspectives and recontextualise the need for education in today’s society.


About this webinar

Ukuzibuza means “to ask oneself”, and this is indeed a time for South African youth to ask where they come from and where they are going. Ukuzibuza is an online publication launched by four high school learners that provides a space for young people to share their ideas and insights. It is launching in collaboration with the Mail & Guardian a young writers essay competition called Hear Our Voices, a webinar tackling the realities of education and a podcast series interrogating the generational gap.

We call for young people to share their ideas and their perspectives, suggest solutions, and prove to the older generation that we are not complacent! Submit your work for the essay competition here: https://www.ukuzibuza.com/hear-our-voices