Kevin Rushby

Kevin Rushby

    From icy adventures to laid-back skiing and cool design, Sweden is the perfect place for a wintry break. Kevin Rushby starts by skating on thick ice.

    A familiar experience for many South Africans, seeing False Bay and its surrounds through the eyes of a British tourist makes it all more spectacular.

    A relatively inexpensive safari in a small game conservancy in Kenya provides plenty of thrills and also benefits the local people.

    The beautiful Stellenbosch vineyards were once a bastion of apartheid but now a new breed of winemakers is making its unique mark.

    Protected only by a mask and wetsuit, rather than a steel cage, Kevin Rushby goes diving with sharks off the KwaZulu-Natal south coast.

    Despite the travel warnings, Kevin Rushby joins a rare tour group to Yemen and discovers the only danger appears to be heat exhaustion.