Kevin Rushby

Skating on sea ice in Sweden

From icy adventures to laid-back skiing and cool design, Sweden is the perfect place for a wintry break. Kevin Rushby starts by skating on thick ice.

Lingering in the bay of plenty

A familiar experience for many South Africans, seeing False Bay and its surrounds through the eyes of a British tourist makes it all more spectacular.

On foot to the very core of the Big Apple

There are many ways to see New York, but how about walking from JFK Airport all the way to Harlem?

Wildlife with the Maasai

A relatively inexpensive safari in a small game conservancy in Kenya provides plenty of thrills and also benefits the local people.

Going, going Hong Kong

Catch what you can while you can -- it's not going to be around for much longer.

Red, white — and black

The beautiful Stellenbosch vineyards were once a bastion of apartheid but now a new breed of winemakers is making its unique mark.

Move afoot to keep the Maasai — and the animals — on their land

After decades of exploitation, Kenya's Maasai people have developed a conservation scheme that gives them an income and protects the wildlife.

Tearing knickers off with a growl

“Howlin' Wolf was the most distinctive of Chicago's blues singers: his demonic howl was legendary”.

Ministrations of the hammam

Fancy a scrub? If you want the real deal, try a muscular, tattooed masseur in Aleppo, writes <b>Kevin Rushby</b>.

‘Don’t turn and run’

Protected only by a mask and wetsuit, rather than a steel cage, Kevin Rushby goes diving with sharks off the KwaZulu-Natal south coast.

Yemen’s riches among the ruins

Despite the travel warnings, Kevin Rushby joins a rare tour group to Yemen and discovers the only danger appears to be heat exhaustion.

Retreat to silence

A yoga hideaway in Turkey that pleases his partner, five-year-old daughter and bank manager - Kevin Rushby is in heaven.

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