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[Slideshow] Madiba's famous hugs

Nelson Mandela has been a father figure to many, including the celebrities who couldn't stop hugging him. We round up his famous cuddles.

Madiba's famous hugs

Inner dark

Shaun de Waal

FUTURISTIC MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Shaun de Waal reviews: The Road, an analysis of what makes or keeps us human that cuts to the very bone.

Inner dark

Writers recruit Hollywood stars for silent protests

Staff Reporter

Some of the biggest actors in Hollywood are to support striking writers in a series of internet downloads due to debut on Thursday. The cast list for the 21 spots, which range in length from a few seconds to several minutes, reads like a who's who of liberal Hollywood.

The movie has landed and US basks in the moonglow

Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, four former lunar astronauts will be guest stars at a gala Manhattan premiere for a remarkable cinematic celebration of their achievement, In the Shadow of the Moon, by British director David Sington. The film has generated rave reviews in the United States and has triggered widespread national interest.

Jake White and Boks named Newsmaker of the Year

Staff Reporter

Former Springbok coach Jake White and his World Cup-winning side have been named Newsmaker of the Year for 2007, the National Press Club said on Monday. "This award is made on the grounds of impact, news value and media attention, both print and electronic," the club's chairperson, Patrick Hlahla, said.

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