Katlego Mkhwanazi

Clay art cracks NY scene

Andile Dyalvane’s Camagu is his first solo exhibition in the United States.

Fox on songs, Samas and synths

The musician is switching things up, returning to her piano roots for upcoming songs.

Children’s book fair wants young minds to be turned on by reading

The aim of the event is to encourage young people as well as illustrators and authors.

Anticolonial misfits Original Swimming Party are in a class of their own

Original Swimming Party are driving a message home that is rooted in current issues

The tales behind Johannesburg’s skyscrapers

‘Up Up’ looks through the lens of history at grand city centre architecture and tells the stories of those who've lived and worked in the buildings.

Tshwane listeners air their views on local music

Seven SABC radio listeners from Tshwane tell us what they think about the SABC’s initiative to play 90% local music on its stations.

‘Let’s go’ to Maputo’s Azgo festival

The event presents a line-up of musicians from the continent, international artists and diasporic Africans.

A bird’s-eye view of the truth

Cape Town-based photographer Johnny Miller seeks to give a fresh look at the country’s known disproportions.

What do the kids have to say?

The M&G interviewed children between the ages of 10 and 17 to find out how music, TV and social media shapes their approach to relationships and sex.

Film festival in South Africa lays bare a changing and multifaceted Europe

The Europe Film Festival will be hosted by Cinema Nouveau theatres across the country from May 6 to 15, and includes many award-winning films of note.

Stevenson Gallery curates SEX in the city

The SEX exhibition attempts to unpack sex through a timeline of events that took place in South Africa in the past decade.

Final curtain for NAF’s Ismail Mahomed

The National Arts Festival has sets the stage for women to let their voices be heard.

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