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Reutech Solutions, Dynamic Control and Dynateq, divisions of Reunert

Ebrahim Lambat, 34, served on the Central Gauteng Lions cricket board as a director and vice-president. He was the youngest member of the board and was elected to the board for a second term with the most votes.

He provided oversight on matters relating to business strategy; commercial operations; marketing strategy; organisational transformation; governance; finances; cricket-related matters and compliance. He served as chairperson of board committees, including Finco, Audit comm and Club Council.

Ebrahim was appointed to the board at a volatile juncture while the organisation was in a transitory phase. He played an integral role in redefining the vision and strategy of the company as well as giving birth to a new constitution and ensured that good governance became part of the organisation’s culture. Ebrahim is involved in an international humanitarian organisation.

He holds a directorship at Nabataan Investments which is a vehicle that was created to facilitate pension, medical aid, and other support for religious leaders who are not receiving assistance. Ebrahim is also the chief financial officer for Dynamic Control, Reutech Solutions and Dynateq International, all subsidiaries of Reunert, where he has increased the profitability of the business, creating agility (scalability of resources) and developing the company.

  • Chartered Accountant, Public Practice Exam, Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors
  • November 2012; Qualifying Exam Part 1, South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • BCom Honours (CTA) – University of Johannesburg
  • BCom Accounting, University of Johannesburg
  • Golden Key International membership

  • South African Institute of Chartered Accountants top 35 under 35
  • Member of Golden Key
  • Youngest vice-president and board member of Central Gauteng Lions 
  • Top performing chief financial officer in Reunert Group

My dad lived a very acute life and was faced with many challenges. As a young boy, I continuously observed the ostensible financial challenges my dad exhibited. This inspired me to work hard and ensure that I live a better life for myself as well as being able to assist others so that they do not have to live with similar stresses. Also, losing my dad at the tender age of 15 and being the only child, really motivated me to work hard and make a life for myself.

Live in the present and challenge your energies on factors that are within your control. Also, to not be hard on oneself and celebrate all the simple things in life. Live in the moment.

I would like to see a country in which we create stability, sustainability and instil confidence. This would entail resolving our current energy crisis; reducing corruption at all levels; eradicating crime; creating equal opportunities for fellow South African, especially our previously disadvantaged communities; addressing the current inequality and socio-economic challenges.

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