“If you don’t start you will never finish.”




Dziphathu Green Tech

Phathutshedzo Mudau, 30, is the founder and managing director of Dziphathu Green Tech. This is a waste management company that focuses on collecting plastics and biomass waste and then converting into useful and valuable products.

The main objective of this initiative is to free the environment from waste material like plastics and biomass waste. The company is also making furniture using waste plastic. Phathutshedzo teaches other people how to process waste and sell the products.

He is part of the Indalo Inclusive beneficiary and he is one of 26 climate change innovation champions named by Indalo and published by the Mail & Guardian. The young innovator has contributed much in reducing deforestation by using biochar and biomass products to produce charcoal briquettes to cook and braai.

He has also reduced land pollution and protected the eco-system by preventing plastic waste from reaching rivers and oceans which can affect aqua-lives by collecting plastic waste and, with the use of nanotechnology, produces plastic products such as bricks, brooms, chairs and tables.

His contribution has been recognised by the department of forestry, fisheries and the environment, through the Driving Force for Change for Youth award. Phathutshedzo is the brand ambassador at Vhembe Biosphere Reserve. He has learnt that innovation does not require any degree; you need to look at the challenges and come up with the solutions.

Grade 12

  • South African youth climate awards by Indalo Inclusive
  • Driving Force for Change for Youth awarded by the Department of forestry, fisheries and the environment
  • Brand ambassador at Vhembe Biosphere Reserve

The day my mother taught me how to pray. That’s when I started to believe more in myself.

Innovation does not require any degree. You need to look at the challenges and come up with the solutions.

I would like to see South Africa with less than 30% unemployed youth. And those jobs must be created by youth.

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