“The greatest threat to our planet is having the idea that someone else will save it for you. The change will not come if we wait for some other person to do it or the perfect time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek, we all have it within us to enact change.” — Robert Swan, OBE, polar explorer and environmental leader


Civil Society


Global Citizen

Sibusiso Bokveldt, 25, is a policy adviser at Global Citizen, an international organisation that aims to end extreme poverty and promote social justice and equity through education, communications, advocacy, campaigning and the media. His job involves researching and analysing policy issues related to health, education, gender equality, climate change and more. Sibusiso works with global leaders and policymakers to advocate for policy change. This includes developing advocacy campaigns, participating in lobbying efforts and organising events to mobilise public support. He also collaborates with partners to develop policy proposals and recommendations. The 25-year-old doing his LLB through the University of South Africa (final year), has received numerous awards, including Africa’s Top 100 Brightest Young Minds, and has been selected for various programmes such as the Study of the US Institute’s Global Young Leaders Programme on civic engagement and policy development at the University of Washington. He is also the founder of the iSibusiso Sports Foundation, which deals with everything sport in underprivileged areas. Sibusiso is driven to excel, especially in the civic space, by his commitment and passion for social justice, equality and human rights. He says: “Seeing the effect of my work and knowing that I am making a difference in people’s lives is fulfilling, and it motivates me to continue pushing myself to achieve more.” Sibusiso hopes to see the country’s economy grow, with more job opportunities, a reduction in poverty and inequality and improvement in the country’s infrastructure. He would also like to see political stability, with a sense of trust and unity among its citizens.

  • BA Law (politics and psychology), Nelson Mandela University
  • Civic Engagement and Policy Development Leadership Programme, University of Washington, Seattle
  • LLB, University of South Africa (final year in progress)

  • Africa’s Top 100 Brightest Young Minds
  • Nelson Mandela University Service Award
  • Global Citizen x BeyGood Fellowship
  • Young African Leaders Initiative Southern Africa Civic Leadership 
  • Harvard University Aspire Leadership Institute
  • ENACTUS regional championship winner and national finalist
  • One of three South Africans selected for the Study of the US Institute’s Global Young Leaders Programme
  • Founder of iSibusiso Sports Foundation
  • Standard Chartered Futuremakes facilitator
  • South African Institute of International Affairs Youth Policy Committee
  • Global Citizen Mental Health Activation, Global Citizen Environmental activation, Global Citizen Menstrual Equity activation
  • ActionSA Eastern Cape Youth Forum executive
  • ENACTUS Nelson Mandela University executive
  • Futurelect 2023 Southern Africa Leadership Programme cohort

I don’t come from a rich family, but the work my parents put in to give my sister and I the life we had was immense. I think growing up and seeing them work that hard rubbed on me.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, don’t be afraid to take risks, apply yourself, plant the seeds, be patient, never give up and you will soon harvest your hard work.

As someone who cares about the future of South Africa, there are a few things that I would like to see in the next five years. First, I hope to see the country’s economy grow and thrive, with more job opportunities and a reduction in poverty and inequality. Additionally, I would like to see political stability in South Africa, with a sense of trust and unity among its citizens. I would also like to see improvement in the country’s infrastructure, including roads and public transport, as well as access to basic services such as water and electricity. I believe that education is key to the development of any country, and I would like to see improvements in the education system, particularly in terms of access and quality. Finally, reducing crime rates and improving safety in communities is also a critical issue that I would like to see addressed in the next five years.

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