“We are the change we have been waiting for.”

Faith Kubeka



Organisation / Company

The Auditor General of South Africa


Faith Kubeka, 31, is a qualified chartered accountant and works as an auditor assistant manager at the auditor general of South Africa. A major chunk of her adult life has gone into obtaining the status of a chartered accountant which, she says, took her a total of 13 years. In this difficult journey, Faith endured several problems that hindered her progress, including lack of funding, but she was determined to complete her degree. Aside from her daily job, she mentors other aspiring chartered accountants because, she says, fewer people are entering the field and once they’re in it, it can become a difficult journey. Faith also offers mentorship to prepare students for the final qualifying South African Institute of Chartered Accountants examination, something she wishes she had been able to have. The lesson she carries with her from her academic journey is that she has the potential to achieve something that she has set her mind to, and she wants other students to believe it, too. Looking ahead, Faith says she would like to see the auditing field be more than just auditing transactions, but to bring more value to people’s lives.


Bcom Accounting Degree, University of Johannesburg
Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Science, University of Johannesburg


My greatest achievement was qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. It was a tough journey. At first, I didn’t believe in myself because I did not qualify for the main program but I really wanted to become a chartered accountant because I wanted to become an influential leader who could make things better for the people.

I did the extended program and completed the degree in record time but, I failed the bridging course on my first try. I repeated it and passed. I obtained my Honours degree on a second try, too. I started my articles and also repeated the first qualifying board exam until I wrote the last qualifying exam which I passed the first time around. I am extremely proud of this achievement mainly because I doubted myself and my potential so much.

I felt like I was not good enough because I couldn’t bag a bursary and that made me feel like companies did not believe that I was worth investing in. I used this to motivate me and I found creative ways to fund my studies until I completed it.

This journey taught me to be resilient and believe I can do anything I set my mind to. I want to remind other young people who might be experiencing the same thing that our dreams are valid and that failure is just a pit stop and not the end.


My mom taught me so much about empathy, kindness and working hard for the things one wants in life .

Secondly, the former public protector Thuli Madonsela inspires me. I looked up to her because I love how she served our country with dignity and without favour. I love the type of leadership she showed during her time as the public protector and look up to her in terms of serving our country with honesty and integrity, which is something I also aspire to do.

Thirdly, Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng. I look up to her in terms of the strides she has made within the education space, and by the balanced life that she lives. She has broken quite a number of barriers and that inspires me, too.