“Tsha khofhe ndi malanga, mula khulu u a fhinduwa” A Venda proverb which means “Sleep brings nothing but sleep crust. If you want to achieve something, you have to get up and work for it.”

Tshilidzi Samuel Ramunenyiwa



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Tshilidzi Samuel Ramunenyiwa, 28, is a project energy engineer at Reonet, which focuses on smarter management of water and energy resources. He is responsible for conducting energy audits, as well as designing, developing and implementing energy-efficient systems. He collaborates with cross-functional teams to integrate renewable energy sources and optimise existing systems.

He also oversees the installation and maintenance of energy-efficient equipment, manages project timelines and budgets and provides technical support to clients. The rollout of inverter battery systems at rural health clinics in the Western Cape at the peak of load-shedding is something of which Tshilidzi is proud. He learnt that adaptive problem-solving and understanding a community’s needs is essential for the initiative’s success.

Tshilidzi is involved in initiatives crucial for the advancement of renewable energy adoption, including the City of Cape Town’s independent power producer programme; the rural primary healthcare hybrid inverter initiative; the Western Cape department of health’s Race to Zero climate change plan; and the implementation of solar photovoltaic systems at health facilities.


  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Project Management, Mancosa
  • Certified Energy Manager, Association of Energy Engineers
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering; dissertation on “Implementation of Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Systems for the University of Cape Town” (current), University of Cape Town.
  • Affiliations: Engineering Council of South Africa (candidate engineer), Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (individual member)


One of my proudest achievements is the successful rollout of 48 inverter battery systems for rural health clinics in the Western Cape during the peak of load-shedding. This project was critical in preventing the disruption of essential health services, ensuring that clinics could operate smoothly despite frequent power outages.

Coordinating this project involved meticulous planning and collaboration with various stakeholders, including healthcare administrators, local authorities and technical teams. We conducted comprehensive site assessments to understand each clinic’s specific energy needs and tailored solutions accordingly. Despite logistical difficulties and tight deadlines, our team managed to install and commission the systems efficiently.
From this project, I learned the importance of adaptive problem-solving and the value of clear communication.

Engaging with the local community and understanding their needs was crucial for the project’s success. Additionally, the experience underscored the positive effect of sustainable energy solutions on public health and community well-being. By ensuring uninterrupted power supply, we not only enhanced healthcare delivery but also contributed to the resilience of these rural clinics against future power disruptions. This project reinforced my commitment to leveraging energy engineering to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.


Yes, Bulelani Dunjana, an engineering manager in the renewable energy industry, Murendeni Matshinyatsimbi, a renewable energy manager at one of the biggest mining companies in South Africa, and Mpho Ramunenyiwa, chief electrical engineer at Eskom, have significantly influenced my journey. Their guidance helped me realise the importance of meticulous planning, dedication and going above and beyond in my work and career. Bulelani’s insights into project management, Murendeni’s expertise in integrating renewable energy in the mining sector, and Mpho’s leadership at Eskom have inspired me to strive for excellence and innovation. Their mentorship has shaped my approach to tackling problems and achieving success in the renewable energy sector.