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The anomaly of Covid-19: Living in an in-between space

The coronavirus pandemic, and ensuing variants, mean we can’t make plans without the prospect of last-minute cancellations. But there’s precious little we can do about it

Covid-19 hospital admissions on the rise in Gauteng as fourth wave looms

Most of the admissions are of unvaccinated and younger people, but there are fears of a spread to older people

South Africa Aids gains in danger as it grapples with Covid-19

Sex education will help prevent new HIV infections, expert says

Africa CDC cautious on Covid-19 vaccine boosters

The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says it will recommend Covid-19 vaccine boosters only for people older than 60 years

The Covid-19 Omicron variant: What is known so far

As scientists scramble to learn more about it, infectious disease expert Professor Salim Abdool Karim says current vaccines are effective against the new variant

Covid-19 vaccines still protect against severe illness from the Omicron variant

The vast majority of hospital admissions in Gauteng are of unvaccinated people, data from the National Institute for Communicable Diseases shows

South Africa at the start of a Covid-19 vaccine the world has never seen

The World Health Organisation has enlisted a team of South African researchers to produce a new mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, but with no recipe to follow, it’s not an easy task

New Covid-19 variant is a concern as cases show a sharp increase in Gauteng

Some 22 positive cases of the B.1.1.529 variant have been confirmed in South Africa, as Covid-19 cases increase in Gauteng, the North West and Limpopo

Centring AGYW in the HIV-Prevention and Covid-19 responses, while engaging with ABYM

Join the webinar on Centring AGYW in the HIV-Prevention and Covid-19 responses, while engaging with ABYM on Tuesday 30 November 2021 from 11am -...

Covid-19 booster shot possibly on cards for South Africans

The country’s health products regulator has received an application from vaccine manufacturer Pfizer for third-dose approval

Covid-19 fourth wave likely to be less severe, but caution still advised

Current models suggest the fourth wave will have fewer hospital admissions

PODCAST: South Africa and South Africa with Covid-19, part 2

Join in the second part of our discussion with economist Sifiso Skenjana.

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