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Why anger erupted against the UN peacekeeping force in the DRC

The Monusco’s failure to protect civilians against violent attacks and the lack of action from the government are among the factors fuelling people’s rage

DRC: The war that doesn’t say its name

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo conflict, as well as peacemaking, have become ends in themselves, while the fighting is carried forward by its own momentum

Rwanda-DRC tensions complicate the Nairobi peace talks for the Great Lakes

Peace is unlikely while Rwanda continues to back the M23 militia group that is responsible for much violence across the region

OPINION | Pros and cons of DRC joining the East Africa bloc

The Democratic Republic of the Congo will bring economic opportunities for the East African Community and the DRC – but it will also bring a number of major security problems

Don’t revive Leopold’s ghost or legitimise DRC’s president, Felix Tshisekedi

Like King Leopold II, Tshisekedi has enriched himself through stealing power and suppressing democracy. Belgium’s monarch should stand with Congolese, not the colonial past

DRC tin mining town finds hope in lithium

Manono, a town in Tanganyika province in southeast Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a textbook case of a mining town that went from boom to bust

The DRC’s surrendered rebels are left in limbo

Former Democratic Republic of the Congo militia fighters housed in sordid conditions, such as at camp Mubambiro, are protesting their living conditions

DRC investigates Kabila for corruption

Last week, journalists exposed corruption linked to Joseph Kabila. Now a judicial inquiry is looking into the former president’s link with a major bank

DRC’s former child soldiers face tough return to civilian life

Many of the former child combatants are overwhelmed by the horrors they have witnessed in a part of the country that has been ravaged by violence for more than 25 years

Aid workers abuse 50 DRC women

The women were promised jobs or threatened with losing their jobs during the Ebola outbreak

Family wants clarity on SANDF soldier killed in friendly fire in the DRC

Corporal Simanga Khuselo join the peacekeeping mission in the DRC to save money to build his family a home

South Africans will pay for the costly electricity from DRC’s Inga 3 dam

A new report says power from the hydroelectric scheme is more expensive than energy from solar and wind

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