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Denel’s plant near Macassar stays put, despite residents’ concerns

Two investigations into separate explosions at the Rheinmetall Denel Munition depot near Macassar continue

‘It is no longer safe for Denel to be based in Macassar’

Calls to end production at Rheinmetall Denel Munition after yet another blast rocks the Somerset West area, the fifth since 2018

Denel aims to be sustainable within five years, but needs a bigger cash injection

The parastatal has struggled with financial constraints for some time, partly blamed on wasteful expenditure and the inability to create revenue

Denel money woes clip air force’s wings

A senior officer says the shortage of spares and and ability to service aircraft and vehicles has a negative effect on the SANDF’s operational ability

Denel vows still to pay employees ‘where possible’

The arms parastatal has, however, so far failed to comply with an August court order to pay its staff their salaries

Bank guarantees foil Denel’s R4.5-bn Egypt contract

Loss of work is the last thing the beleaguered state enterprise needs

Denel’s secret R6.3bn export deal

The state defence company is fired up about the large contract but is keeping mum on the details

Denel wants to sell arms to Egypt

Nearly 2 000 people were arrested in Egypt this week. Their crime? Daring to protest against the country’s military government. The act of protesting is...

Just in time: Denel will be able to pay June salaries

The SOE had announced on Tuesday that it was not going to be able to pay full salaries for the month but a lender has come to the rescue

Embattled Denel can’t pay full salaries for June

The embattled arms manufacturer says it has alternative but to cut back on salaries

Embattled Denel gets new CEO

Daniel Du Toit is expected to build on the turnaround strategy that was introduced at Denel earlier this year

Denel suffers over R1.7bn loss, expects more in future

The state-owned arms company has yet to submit an annual report for the 2017/18 financial year

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