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Oscar Mabuyane makes a clean sweep at ANC Eastern Cape conference

The re-elected provincial chairperson has endorsed Cyril Ramaphosa for a second term as ANC president and says he expects the province to do the same.

Oscar Mabuyane says he is not keen on reshuffling cabinet

The incumbent has dismissed suggestions that a win against Babalo Madikizela will result in the ousting of his fellow contender

Oscar Mabuyane branches could be quarantined from conference

At least 47 branches could assume observer status at the Eastern Cape conference set to commence this weekend

NPA ‘refuses’ to prosecute Oscar Mabuyane

The Hawks have accused the NPA of ‘dragging its feet’ despite voluminous evidence against the Eastern Cape premier

Oscar Mabuyane elected chair as a challenge to #ANCECConference looms

Mabuyane received 931 votes in a result announced by the independent electoral commission (IEC) on Sunday morning.

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