Wireless world

If you’re a regular local Internet user then you will know just how complicated and slow the whole business of getting online is. Sentech’s new MyWireless service aims to change all that.

MyWireless is a new broadband Internet access service, now available from Sentech (www.

There are no wires, cables and — best of all — no phone line needed. One dinky little module that plugs into your PC, and you’re online.

It is much closer to cellphone technology than any old-style “plug-phone-line-into-modem” approach, and if you’re in one of the areas covered by the Sentech signal, you can get online permanently as easily as making a cellphone call.

MyWireless comes in three flavours, all very tasty, and addictive. They are the 128k package, the 256k and the 512k.

The positives? You are online permanently, there’s no “cap” like with another connectivity option such as ADSL, and the world becomes non-stop Internet.

I’ve been on the 128K package for a couple of months, moving up from a 56k modem, and it has dropped my phone bill by 95%.

(Gamers note — there are some problems with high ping rates, which they are working on reducing.)

Installing it is easy and takes five to 10 minutes. You run the supplied software, plug in the modem when it tells you to, login and you’re online.

The “modem” is a sleek-looking gadget that’s smaller than your average CD, and which has an hour or two’s worth of battery life if you are travelling around.

The prices range from R649 to R1 449 a month on a 24-month contract.

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