Bald men likely to be higher earners

Bald men who feel self-conscious about their looks can now take comfort in a survey indicating that their hair loss can mean they will earn a healthier income.

The survey published in Hong Kong on Wednesday found that the more money a man earns, the more likely he is to be losing his hair.

Ninety-five per cent of those earning $5 700 a month or more complained that they were losing their hair, compared to just 35% of those earning less than $640 a month.

Researchers also found that men working in the legal and accounting professions were most likely to suffer from hair loss, with one in five saying they were going bald.

Civil servants are the second highest sufferers of hair loss, with 15% saying they are shedding hair, followed by medical workers with a rate of 11%.

More than 2 200 people were interviewed for the survey carried out by internet service provider MSN and hair replacement company Svenson.

Hair loss specialist Christina Yeung told the South China Morning Post that people in high-paid jobs tended to be under more pressure and at higher risk of going bald.

More than 40% of respondents who lost the most hair said they slept for less than four hours a night, compared to only 4% of those with the lowest rate of hair loss. ‒ Sapa-DPA


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