Bail hearing of nuclear pair delayed

The bail application of two men charged under laws against the proliferation of nuclear weapons was delayed in Vanderbijlpark on Tuesday to give lawyers time to study new documents.

Randburg engineering company directors Gerhard Wisser and Daniel Geiges were arrested last Wednesday. They face four charges of allegedly possessing equipment and components that could lead to the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction.

Their arrest came after similar charges were unexpectedly withdrawn against Vanderbijlpark engineering company director Johan Meyer.

“We have been giving some more papers to read through,” said Wisser’s lawyer, Claudia Privato.

Wisser’s advocate, Annand Coundary, said earlier he wanted bail for Wisser on the grounds that a German court, where he faced similar charges, had also granted bail.

“We will plead not guilty and would like to proceed to trial with alacrity,” he said.

The police officer investigating the case refused to comment on the whereabouts of Meyer.

Meyer’s attorney, Heinrich Badenhorst, said he will release a statement on behalf of his client on Wednesday.—Sapa


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