Democratic Alliance takes Cape metro

The Democratic Alliance has emerged the victor in the election in the Cape Town metropole taking 41,85% of the vote and with it 90 of the 210 seats on the city council.

The DA won 61 of the 105 wards and 29 proportional representation (PR) seats.

Of the 1 456 350 votes cast 609 545 went to the DA.

The African National Congress (ANC) obtained 552 105 votes, or 37,91%, for 81 seats, 41 of them ward and 40 PR seats.

The Independent Democrats (ID) hold the balance of power with 23 seats, of which three are ward and 20 PR seats.

This translates into 10,75% or 156 550 of the votes cast.

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) came in fourth with 3,22% of the vote and seven seats—all of them PR.

The African Muslim party won three PR seats with 1,33% of the votes, the United Democratic Movement two PR seats with 0,82%, the Freedom Front Plus one PR seat with 0,49%, the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) one seat with 0,49%, the United Independent Front one sear with 0,24% and the Universal Party one PR seat with 0,16%.

In other election results, the ANC has won 56,27% of the vote in the Tshwane Metro, with the DA winning 30,69%.

This means the ruling party has captured 87 seats in the metro, and the DA 47 seats.

With 4,45% of votes, the Freedom Front Plus has won seven seats.The ACDP took three seats with 2,01% support, and the PAC two seats with 1,19% support. The ID won one seat with less than one percent of the vote.

The United Christian Democratic Party, African Christian Alliance, Inkatha Freedom Party, Azanian People’s Organisation and National Democratic Convention each won a seat.

EIght percent turnout in Orania’s ‘private election’

The “private election” for a representative council to represent Afrikaner community of Orania in the Northern Cape had an 80% voter turnout, an Orania Movement spokesperson said on Friday.

Eleanor Lombard said 484 votes were recorded from within the community of about 700 while the “uitwoners” (sympathisers living outside Orania) voted via the internet.

“Among those elected for the eight member council was Carel Boshoff, the founder of Orania, and Manie Opperman, the current mayor of Orania.”

Lombard said the “uitwoners” elected Annatjie Joubert from Pretoria to represent them on the council.

The private election was held on Wednesday when millions of South Africans took part in the third local government elections since the new democratic dispensation.

The conservative Afrikaner community, which supports the Freedom Front Plus, voted for only district proportional representation in Wednesday’s elections.

It did not participate in the vote for ward councillors or for proportional representation at council level.

The community decided not to contest the local government election, pending an agreement with the government on self-determination.

“Voting now for wards and for the council PR list would be like throwing in the towel,” Lombard said earlier in the week, but added this was not a boycott in a “negative” sense.

Orania has been struggling for self-determination since 1994.

It was earlier amalgamated into a single municipality with Hopetown and Strydenburg, but objected to the move.

Lombard said on Friday that the campaign for self-determination as a separate municipality was on “course”.

“The aim of the Orania representative council is to continue negotiations with government on the status of Orania as an independent municipality.”

A high court judgement in 2000 found that the residents of Orania and the government should through “negotiation” find a compromise on Orania’s status.

Orania has been functioning as a self-supporting municipality since 1995.

Residents pay a levy to finance municipal services.

“Unlike some other municipalities, residents are happy with services and “klop die dorpsraad se boeke” [the town’s books are in order],” said Lombard. - Sapa

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