Grab a girik

Well, we all know that the herb is illegal, but that doesn’t stop many South Africans from partaking in the occasional cerebral smoke (after all, we do grow the best in the world).

And in recognition of this, two of the cooler clothing stores in Rosebank, Johannesburg, have introduced “giriks”. This very colloquial word refers to “roaches” -the rolled up pieces of cardboard inserted into the end of a joint (or dagga cigarette) that allow for that easy-drawing smoking pleasure.
And as any discerning dope-head will tell you, there’s rarely a tiny piece of cardboard at hand when you need one.

So along with the Free Hash Guide and numerous party flyers you can find littered across the counters at Body Armour and Inferno clothing you can pick up these practical strips for R5. Based around a matchbook design and made in the grass capital Amsterdam, each pack contains 40 giriks which are handily perforated, designed to slip inconspicuously into your pocket or bag.

The strips could alternatively be used for miniature messages or notes which will no doubt save a few trees until the authorities can be convinced of the value of growing hemp.

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