SA tops global sex survey on HIV protection

South Africa topped a global sex report on sexual protection against sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV/Aids, condom maker Durex said on Thursday.

Durex conducted a global sex report that saw 87% of South Africans feeling confident about protecting themselves against STIs and HIV/Aids.

The study found that most Asian countries fell well behind Western countries—with Thailand and Hong Kong achieving a 65% score of confidence in this area, the lowest out of all the countries surveyed.

South Africa also came in second in understanding the pregnancy risks associated with unprotected sex.

The survey said South Africa was among the top five countries who knew how to have a happy and fulfilling sex life and in knowing where to go for guidance on sex.

The survey also said 82% of South Africans had high overall levels of sexual confidence.

The survey explored sexual confidence among 26 000 people globally.

The research indicated that the average age for South Africans to receive any formal sex education was between 12 and 14 years.

“Although parents and guardians were found to be the most successful confidence boosters, they were only listed as the eighth most likely source of sex education to be approached—falling well behind friends, the most cited source overall, as well as internet and TV. “

The survey showed the contrast between the way men and woman got information about sexual issues.

The report said men were more likely to use the media, magazines, internet, TV and radio, while women, on the other hand, preferred more interpersonal sources, such as parents, partners, family and health clinic doctors.—Sapa


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