Runaway trucks sow highway mayhem

A runaway truck caused mayhem on the highway system north of Johannesburg on Tuesday.

The truck struck about 26 cars as it veered across all four lanes on the N1 highway between Buccleuch and Rivonia at 5.45pm.

Metro police Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said it took two hours to clear up the scene. Miraculously, only a few motorists were injured.

Minnaar said the truck was transporting steel pipes when its brakes failed.

A driver of a blue Volkswagen Jetta had to be cut free by emergency workers after his vehicle was squashed up against the barricades.

“He survived, he did not have a single scratch,” said Minnaar.

Four people were injured in the accident.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Mark Stokoe said: “The truck driver had initially been in the emergency lane due to the brake failure, but he had to suddenly swerve out of that lane because of a stationary car.

“He then proceeded over all four lanes before crashing through the centre barrier and coming to rest on top of a little blue VW in the centre divide.

“Approximately 25 cars were involved, some with minor damage and several that were undoubtedly completely written off.”

The driver of the Volkswagen stuck under the truck was freed once a rescue crew jacked open his door.

“Damaged cars and debris lay strewn over the freeway over a distance of about 200m, cars were all over the place, some facing in the direction they had just come from,” Stokoe said.
- Sapa

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