eThekwini uses smoke signals to track illegal connections

The eThekwini municipality has purchased an innovative smoke generating device to help them track people who illegally interconnect their storm water and sewage drainage systems.

This was one of the topics in an open letter sent to the media by Neil Macleod, eThekwini head of water and sanitation.

“We will soon be in a position to use the smoke generator to locate properties where these illegal connections exist and then ensure that action is taken to separate the sewerage and storm water drainage systems,” he said.

Macleod also addressed the issue of blue-flag beaches. The award of a blue-flag beach is based on compliance with environmental education programmes, water quality, and safety, among other criteria.

Macleod said the frequency of testing water and sand microbiology had been increased to once a week.

The latest results were available on the eThekwini website, where a litter index showed the cleanliness of eThekwini’s 26 beaches.

“Until a more acceptable indicator has been found, we will continue to use e.coli and enterococcus [readings], recognising the shortcomings of these indicators,” he continued.

Macleod stressed that these indicator bacteria were not harmful.

“In fact, the World Health Organisation describes them as harmless organisms.”

The municipality said signboards were presently being placed on all the beaches, providing information on water quality and cleanliness.

Macleod said the latest results showed compliance with water-quality standards.
- Sapa

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