/ 13 October 2009

Gabon court upholds Bongo’s victory

Gabon’s Constitutional Court says the son of the country’s longtime dictator won the August 30 presidential elections that opposition candidates said were fraudulent.

Marie Madeleine Mborantsuo, the president of the court, says Ali Bongo received about 41,8% of the votes.

Second- and third-placed candidates Pierre Mamboundou and Andre Mba Obame are among those who filed complaints on September 19. The two accused Bongo of ”serious manipulation” and called for a re-count.

Bongo’s victory led to unrest in Libreville and three days of rioting and looting in the southwestern oil city of Port-Gentil, where three people were killed, according to an official toll.

The opposition has registered five deaths in Port-Gentil, with a sixth person killed later by security forces.

The court had one month to return a verdict. The inauguration date can be set now that the court ruled on Monday night.

Bongo was the African country’s defence minister and eldest son of longtime ruler Omar Bongo, who ruled the country for more than 41 years until his death in June. — Sapa-AP