Trouble with Webmail accounts

Webmail account holders have been warned. Someone may have access to your confidential emails and Webmail doesn’t seem to know how to correct the problem.

“Since yesterday I have been receiving other users’ private emails [inbox and sent] items. I have received over a 500 mails from different users,” Glacier Bambisa told the Mail & Guardian on Tuesday.

“I have contacted Webmail to see if they are aware of the privacy concerns of other users.
They say they have had a few similar incidents but they do not know how to resolve it,” Bambisa told the M&G.

According to Bambisa, every time she refreshes her email account a different users’ email account opens up in her mailbox and their emails show that they are not directed to her. However they keep coming to her mailbox.

Bambisa has already received bank statements, business orders, pin codes and other highly confidential mail.

“All this private information could fall into the wrong hands if they are not swift in solving the problem. If I were a fraudster I could do a lot with this information,” she added.

Approached for comment, Webmail said they were not aware of the problem, but would be looking into it.

“Let her contact us,” said a senior Webmail technician.

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