Libya's flies new flag at UN's Europe HQ

The new red, black and green flag of Libya took its place Tuesday among the row of flags of United Nations member states.

During the flag-raising ceremony at the UN’s European headquarters, Libyan envoy Ibrahim Aldredi sang his country’s anthem with his hand on his heart.

A small group of his compatriots joined in outside the UN gates and later chanted, “Libya, Libya, Libya.”

“It is a really emotional moment to see the flag, our flag in three colours sumbolises a lot for our people,” the ambassador said.

“My wishes are for a new free Libya, a dignified country where human rights are respected, and where there is equality for all in the country,” he added.

In February, Aldredi and others at Libya’s UN mission in Geneva announced their defection from Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, which was ousted last month.—Sapa-AFP


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