Live flesh for vegans

Are you a man who cares about animals but thinks it is fine to treat women like one? Then Caso Diablo is the place for you.

The world’s first vegan strip club, in Portland, Oregon—a hippyish town in the United States that prides itself as the most vegan-friendly in the country—serves up meat- and dairy-free chilli cheese fries, chocolate/strawberry cheesecake and mushroom burgers along with the naked women.

The owner, Johnny Diablo, describes himself as an “ethical vegan”, and claims that half of the dancers are vegetarian or vegan. The place is sleazy, without even the veneer of a “gentlemen’s club”: bar staff are topless, whereas the dancers take absolutely everything off and are instructed to sit on customers’ laps.

The naked women draw the men in, says Diablo, which, in turn, means they will learn to love vegan food.

Meat markets

Treating women like meat and eating it often go together, for example at Hooters, an American-run chain that operates in 39 US states, serves up burgers, wings and steaks, as well as young waitresses wearing very little.

But as the sex industry has proliferated in recent years, using women’s bodies to promote vegetarianism and veganism has become more commonplace. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is notorious for its misogynistic tactics. A porn site,, is due to be launched later this year, much to the disgust of feminists.

In Caso Diablo, non-human animals are afforded more respect than the strippers. A sign over the bar reads: “Please do not wear fur, feathers, silk, wool or leather on the stage. Thank you—the animals.”—

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