Best Employers: Microsoft South Africa

Microsoft's Chief HR Officer, Mteto Nyati. (Microsoft)

Microsoft's Chief HR Officer, Mteto Nyati. (Microsoft)

Number of employees

Last financial year's turnover
Not available.

Name of Chief HR Officer
Mteto Nyati.

Split of staff
15% management, 45% technical, 40% sales roles – all employees fall under the sales, marketing and services group.

What is the company's HR strategy?

Our HR strategy focuses on four key pillars, as follows:

  • Leadership – by building a diverse bench of inspiring leaders who have the vision, ability and courage to lead and win.
  • Talent – by building capability ahead of today's needs and sustaining a "ready now" organisation that capitalises on market opportunities.
  • Culture – by building an engaged and inclusive workforce who are proud to work for Microsoft.
  • Management – by improving leader capability and accountability to assess, hire and develop best in class managers.

What is the company's BEE strategy?
At Microsoft we are proudly South African and are fully committed to the country and its people. South Africa faces a significant shortage of technology skills, as well as chronic unemployment. To this end, Microsoft has invested in an Equity Equivalent programme that aims to develop black-owned independent software vendors through targeted investment initiatives that will enable these small partner organisations to become global software companies.
Our efforts on BBBEE have enabled us to achieve a level two BBBEE rating.

What is the secret of your company's success as an employer?
People are at the centre of our business strategy at Microsoft and we strive to attract the best people from the industry. Our employees are challenged to achieve big goals and are supported in building successful careers here. Effective leadership, performance accountability and employee engagement are used as levers to achieve extraordinary personal and business goals.

Future plans around HR/ Employment strategy/ BEE strategy?
One of our values at Microsoft is the willingness to take on big challenges and see them through. This means that we are continuously challenging ourselves to do better than the year before. To this end, we have identified thefollowing areas as key to take our HR/BEE strategy to the next level:

  • Further recruitment and development of black and female senior managers and executives;
  • Aligning succession planning and career development initiatives to our employment equity plans; and
  • Building best-in-class managers.

Anything else you'd like to highlight?
We are extremely pleased to be recognised twice in a row by the CRF as being the Best Employer. Employee satisfaction is integral to our business, and these achievements, which serve to underscore our commitment to our internal and external employee drives, are always welcome news!

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