/ 17 October 2012


Leba Mashao
Leba Mashao

Last financial year's turnover Not available. Name of chief HR officer Leba Mashao, HR executive. Split of staff Top management level: Eight

Senior management level: 51

Middle management level: 147

First management level: 330

Non-management level: 1 281

Main line of business AfriSam is a black-controlled construction materials group in Southern Africa with operations in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

What is the company's HR strategy? It is designed to support the company's business strategy and ensure that people development and social and ethical practices are practised across the company.

With the business strategy focusing on growth and product innovation, it is imperative that AfriSam employees rise and respond to the challenges this entails.

Central to the HR strategy is the learning and growth of AfriSam's employees, competency management, coaching and mentoring, leadership and risk management.

Performance management is the guiding creed towards a high- performance organisation.

What is the company's BEE strategy? The AfriSAM level two BBBEE rating is a reflection of its commitment to being a South African company that reflects inclusive business practices.

The ownership of the company remains in the hands of the previously disadvantaged and it has a significant representation of employment equity at top management levels.

Corporate social responsibility and enterprise development programmes have been improving over the years and its flagship initiative comprises plans for the development of women in mining initiatives.