Mbeki must take what he dishes out

Moeletsi Mbeki. (Lucky Nxumalo, Gallo)

Moeletsi Mbeki. (Lucky Nxumalo, Gallo)

I think he is a disgrace to the intellectual community.

I used to hold him in the highest esteem. I thought he could take criticism. But, no, I was mistaken.
What happened to a man who used to believe in a free press, who ran with critical voices and opinions? Now he is just a bigot!

Mbeki should grow a thick skin to deal with criticism. What does

he think when he criticises other public figures? They don't threaten to sue him for defamation.

Mbeki should have resorted to a "right of reply" instead of going to court. This would have cleared his name better.

I bet that his litigation for defamation won't see a court of law. Let the M&G continue with journalism at its best. Hands off the M&G! – Parapara Makgahlela, Mashite Village

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