Botha: Charges could have to do with Pistorius investigation

Investigator Hilton Botha. (AFP)

Investigator Hilton Botha. (AFP)

eNCA reported on Thursday the charges were provisionally withdrawn but were reinstated on Wednesday.

Botha told eNCA's Karyn Maughan: "I don't understand why [the] case was reinstated [on Wednesday]. I can only think this is linked to my work on Oscar Pistorius."

The police's Neville Malila said it was one case with seven charges of attempted murder. Botha allegedly fired shots at a taxi as he tried to stop it. The taxi had seven occupants in it. Eyewitness News reported three law enforcement officials were allegedly drunk while driving a state vehicle when they opened fire on the taxi. They were arrested in 2011. One of the officials was Botha and the three were due to appear in court in May.

"My blood was never tested for alcohol in the aftermath of the shooting. I wasn't drunk," he said to Maughaun. "We were trying to apprehend a second suspect in an office park murder. The taxi tried to push us off the road. We fired."

Police confirmed the information, saying the officer was drunk at the time.

Malila said the matter was referred to the director of public prosecutions after the charges were withdrawn.

"It was only yesterday [Wednesday] that we were informed by the [director] that he is being charged," he said.

Botha already testified against Pistorius in a bid for the court not to grant him bail.

Botha was grilled on the stand during his appearance at the hearing on Wednesday and was forced to make several concessions in his testimony.

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