'Sharknado': OMG, WTF, LOL

A trailer for 'Sharknado' has been released on YouTube. (AFP)

A trailer for 'Sharknado' has been released on YouTube. (AFP)

The purpose of the film, one assumes, is to prove that the human creativity really can sink lower than Snakes on a Plane, and to see how many times people can use the phrase "so bad it's good" to somehow excuse repeatedly watching the trailer on YouTube.

In just a few hours of its release on YouTube on Friday, the trailer received over 600 000 views.

It's just a pity that, at the moment, there seems to be no plans to bring this fine work to cinemas. One feels that angry sharks raining from the skies (pissed off that their cinematic careers have gone from Jaws to THIS, no doubt) and a line like "let's just throw a bomb into the tornado" would be given a certain gravitas if seen on the big screen, and maybe even in 3D.

If the producers know what they're doing, which no doubt they do, they should seriously consider it.

Lisa Van Wyk

Lisa Van Wyk

Lisa van Wyk is the arts editor, which somehow justifies her looking at pretty pictures all day, reading cool art and culture blogs and having the messiest desk in the office. She likes people who share her passion for art, music, food, wine, travel and all things Turkish. She can't ride a bike, but she can read ancient languages and totally understands the offside rule. Read more from Lisa Van Wyk

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