Malema: You're to blame for lack of services

EFF leader, Julius Malema, says people must change their votes if they want service delivery (Gallo)

EFF leader, Julius Malema, says people must change their votes if they want service delivery (Gallo)

Malema said the fact that government had no money should not be used as an excuse to not deliver services. "These roads are like this because you're to blame," he said. "You have been voting for the same people."

Malema was addressing hundreds of supporters who had gathered for the launch of the party's elections truck.
He told residents that the power was in their hands to bring change and improve their lives. There was no water, electricity, toilets or decent roads in the area.

"Government might not have money, but they [can] caterpillar trucks to flatten roads to make them usable." He urged residents to change their votes and go with a party that would deliver. "The reason you're here is because you keep on voting for the same people. "Change is you – change your vote," he said.

EFF is not a non-white party

Malema called on white people to join the party to get their hands on land. "White people must join the struggle for land," he said. "Only two percent of whites own land. If they want land, they must join EFF."

He said the EFF was not a non-whites party, but a vanguard for the working class. "That includes the white workers," he said. Malema was mobbed by supporters when he arrived at the sports ground. Supporters wearing red berets and T-shirts sang and danced with him.

Banks steal from the poor

He said the financial sector and banks are stealing from the poor. "We must make sure the financial sector is accountable," he said. "They [banks] are the ones stealing from us." Malema said banks were allowed to steal from the poor because government officials were benefiting.

He told residents that banks should not be allowed to repossess houses while an individual who was left with a year to go can't pay. "There is no one who must loose a house. We must transform the financial sector and it must speak to the needs of our people," he said.

"We need government-owned banks that would grant qualifying customers interest free loans. We must deliver services. Why should government be worried about making a profit?"

He said people were charged exorbitant prices for the same house even after the bank had recovered its money. – Sapa

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