/ 27 July 2015

African publishers promote their titles at SA Book Fair

Book theft in South Africa has recently been under the spotlight.
The community responded to the death by looting the shop and assaulting the owners. (Thulani Mbele/Timeslive)

The Goethe-Institut has invited seven publishers from sub-Saharan Africa to be part of this year’s South African Book Fair. Everyone who is interested in the African literature scene is invited to visit their stands, which will be in the basement of the Turbine Hall in Johannesburg.

The publishers will be happy to take you on a literature tour, both literally and figuratively, as they present their multilingual ­collections. Genres ranging from fiction to educational children’s books will be available to browse through. This is a great opportunity to buy books written by fellow Africans that are not always available in South Africa.

The publishers, listed below, look forward to your visit.

Sub-Saharan Publishers: Established in Ghana, sub-Saharan publish children’s books to raise awareness about issues such as sustainable development as well as picture books in order to raise youngsters’ interest in reading.

Bookcraft Limited: With more than 25 years in the publishing industry, Bookcraft is a Nigerian publisher with titles in a wide variety of subject areas. The company pays particular attention to beautiful design and packaging to ­achieve “reader-friendly” books.

amaBooks: This Zimbabwean publisher focuses on novels, short stories and poetry, including a few local history and culture titles. They provide a platform for well-established as well as emerging authors to publish their books.

Parrésia: Based in Nigeria, Parresia emphasises fiction, and more precisely literary fiction, exceptional popular fiction and innovative short story collections.

Les Editions Livre Sud: Based in Côte d’Ivoire since 1992, Livre Sud publishes a wide range of books and also provides library services that contribute to development by boosting literacy. They also produce material in local languages, taking part in developing a literate environment in Africa.

Editions Lupeppo: Founded five years ago in Cameroon, Editions Lupeppo provides three collections: “Sémences” (novels, short stories and poetry), “Opinions” (essays) and “Savoirs” (professional books).

Shama Books: Shama plc is Ethiopia’s largest book publisher and distributor, providing a wide range of books to schools and the public at large. Shama has published more than 300 books.

Sine Buthelezi works at the Goethe-Institut in Johannesburg. The Goethe-Institut is the global cultural arm of the Federal Republic of Germany. The institute’s library and information department works in partnership with libraries and other bodies involved in book and reading promotion in South Africa. It also encourages exchanges between information specialists and publishers in South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Germany