The change the women of the Southern Africa Trust want to see

The Women of the Southern Africa Trust speak up

The Women of the Southern Africa Trust speak up

Context Matters! 

As the continent continues to identify solutions and strategies, it is important that these efforts are informed by gender analyses that take a contextual approach.  There is no denying that what works in one context and geography may not work in another and so the expression “it is not one size fits all” has therefore never rung truer. — Lusungu

Let Girls Stand Tall

Let the girls stand tall. We cannot empower women if we don’t empower girls. Empowering them in all the spaces they occupy in their homes, schools, social circles. Society must change structurally, our attitudes and predispositions must be revolutionised if we want girls — and women — to have equal opportunities, education, freedom of choice, security and wellbeing … a voice.  — Jozet 

 Building Dignity in Other Women

The perception that women are weaker than men can only be broken by women themselves. Transitioning from the stigma of being victims, and reinforcing their presence in every sphere of society while re-educating themselves to shed fear and gather confidence. Then women will realise the power of the current status they occupy and also invite others into that space on their own terms. — Lydia 

End Child Marriages 

Women’s empowerment starts at home, with what families instil in their children’s minds. Girls should be given the opportunity to play, go to school and dream about their futures instead of being forced into early marriages and motherhood.

Equal opportunities in education, health and other important pillars of society should be promoted throughout the continent and the world. — Silvia 

Women and Leadership

Be the kind of woman who uses her authority, resources, knowledge and networks to empower others.  The kind of woman who creates opportunities and encourages other women to become leaders. The kind of woman who doesn’t shy away from leadership but grabs every opportunity. Do not be intimidated by challenges, most of it is not rocket science … it just appears that way.  — Ange 

Women Overcoming Poverty

Southern Africa continues to experience high levels of unemployment with 40% of its labour force remaining unemployed. In addition, most women have no skills and low literacy levels are prevalent. Cross-border trade has become an alternative economic activity that is assisting women to generate income to meet basic necessities like food, education and health care. — Christabel 

Educated and Empowered

Despite advances in society, poverty, gender inequality, early marriage, unplanned pregnancy and other obstacles continue to hinder the progress of women.  Education is imperative to open up women’s options and equip them for a better quality of life. Educated women achieving their potential with better career prospects, higher incomes, improved health, dignity and honour will change their lives, their families and the world. — Sandra 

End Women Abuse

We can all assist in the fight against abuse by reporting an abused woman’s plight to the police. Community members should alert authorities when they see signs of physical or emotional abuse. As women, we should always help each other. Together we can end abuse. — Martha 

Women in Business

I have always believed that lack of information is one of the reasons why a number of women do not succeed in business. Aspirant business women should be encouraged to research their business interests and mentorship opportunities should be open for them. — Sharon

Women Entrepreneurship and Inequality

Unless women are perceived as capable of running a business and not just a household; and don’t need a marriage certificate to obtain funding; unless women are heard when they speak of turning one dollar into two to feed and educate their children; unless women are placed in the forefront, it is difficult to speak of a real and meaningful emancipation of women. — Carol 

Redefining a Woman

A change in mind-set is required; the silence must be broken, hope must rise, someone must say: A woman is not only a child-bearer, but has potential, talent, and dreams. Define a woman based on her potential, talents, and dreams. — Nathalie