Hlaudi Motsoeneng on Hlaudi Motsoeneng's new look and gig

Listen to the man in the fedora. (Gallo)

Listen to the man in the fedora. (Gallo)

The SABC says former COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng is now group executive of corporate affairs. He remains an employee of the public broadcaster despite the Supreme Court of Appeal recently dismissing Motsoeneng’s application for leave to appeal a ruling that his appointment was irrational. 

This is what Hlaudi Motsoeneng has to say about himself and his new position.

1. The SABC is very interesting.
I’m also very interesting. When you see this new look, it’s also because I’m going to another position. I’m going to turn that position, that unit, into a very interesting one!

2. You know in me, my belief is when there is dark, I see light, because that position is very critical. I’m going to make sure that position is more exciting. And that is what it is supposed to do.

3. What is very interesting is media. Now you are my partner. Because some of my role is to manage stakeholders. We are going to have fun with you.

4. People have been talking about “Hlaudi stress” and I want to repeat again. In me, you will never have stress. The team that I work with, they know: I’m a different animal. 

5. I respect the court. The reason why I went for disciplinary hearing is because I respect those processes and I was cleared. But many people, not many people, few people who are malicious even when they read the court judgment, they mislead the public. 

6. You see the problem that we are facing in South Africa, is people push certain agendas and mislead the public. Let me tell you, public, they are not stupid. They know what is happening. 

7. In South Africa I have more majority than those who are making noise. They are few. 

8. Everywhere where I go, people support Hlaudi. Worse in the rural areas, because you know I’m a rural boy and I’m here in Gauteng to change the mindset of people believing if you come from rural you can’t achieve. 

9. I want to assure you, before you ask me any questions, I’m going to apply for the job. 

10. Let me tell you about Judge Davis, I like him. You know when I was sitting there, I was enjoying myself. Because the way he was questioning the SABC.

11. When you read that judgment, that judgment, Hlaudi is not an issue. The issue is those serious allegations from the public protector. 

12. If Hlaudi is cleared, Hlaudi can walk in that position, but follow processes.

13. Don’t be malicious and mislead the public. And also, I’ve been observing people, talking talking including some people who claim themselves as lawyers. The reason is, are these people reading the judgement or do they have motives to mislead and push their own agenda? 

14. The challenge in South Africa is transformation of media. And I’m not apologetic about that. 

15. I can confirm here, 90% is going to stay. Transformation, we are going to deal as a team. We are going to deal with transformation, unapologetic.

16. But also I have observed that when I read the newspapers, people who call themselves sources, they don’t even understand what they’re talking about. 

17. In my view, Hlaudi Motsoeneng is Hlaudi Motsoeneng and there is only one Hlaudi in South Africa. There’s this one called Hlaudi, no one else. And also you see, when you have this hullabaloo around you, I was not produced by media. 

18. I was not produced by individuals. I have my own brain, I have my own vision. And I want to repeat my future is in my hands. I want to repeat – my future is in my hands. Because, even if I am not at the SABC, who says I can’t contribute even better for South Africa? I can. And actually, many people they have been interacting with me, approaching me to join them. And for a good reason.

19. Also, I want to applaud people who recognise this wonderful person named Hlaudi. 

20. When I came here, there was no SABC. People who work here they will tell you, there was no SABC. When I came here, there was just a disaster. 

21. We are going to have many parties now. Breakfast, dinner, enjoy ourselves, put money and enjoy. That is what I am going to do. Because when you manage stakeholders, you can’t manage stakeholders without budget. 

22. You know in life, today you’re up there, tomorrow down, you come back, you go down, it’s life. 

23. You know the titles ... Previously, who was talking about the COO of the SABC?

Watch the rest of his interview below. The forecast in South Africa is Hlaudi with a chance of absurdity.

Kiri Rupiah

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