/ 14 October 2016

The 10 best design stalls to look for at the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair

Ham Ethop will be at stand 47 at the Sanlam Handmade Contemprorary Fair.
Ham Ethop will be at stand 47 at the Sanlam Handmade Contemprorary Fair.

The Ninevites
Founded by: Nkuli Mlangeni
When: 2012
What: We design textiles, curate events and keep pushing to tell our stories in ways that reflect their vast beauty and invention.
Binding principles: A textile brand that is inspired by black culture, encourages collaboration and is rooted on tradition.
Origin of design aesthetic: Black aesthetic
Materials used: Sheep wool, mohair and natural dyes
Entry level price: R3 500
Produced in: Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa and Peru
Number of makers per product: Three to four
Stand number at Sanlam Hand Made Contemporary Fair: 52
See more of their work here

Jane Sews
Founded by: Amy Venter
When: 2011
What: Local clothing brand
Binding principles: Nature’s authenticity. Close attention is paid to fine construction and finish. Jane Sews seeks to create uplifted staples and timeless pieces that are suitable for all seasons. Our focus is on quality and minimal design translated into key pieces that you can build your wardrobe around.
Origin of design aesthetic: Durban’s nature
Materials used: Natural fabrics and genuine leather goods
Entry level price: R449 — R2 199
Produced in: Durban
Number of makers per product: About nine on garments and 48 on shoes
Stand number at SHMCF: 38
See more of their work here 

Flaunt Concepts
Founded by: Ashleigh Harrington
When: 2016
What: Bespoke furniture design
Binding principles: Minimalist and nostalgic
Origin of design aesthetic: Scandinavian
Materials used: Oak wood, powder-coated mild steel, toughened smoke glass and whitened concrete
Entry level price: R2 500 — R18 500
Produced in: Johannesburg
Number of makers per product: Four
Stand number at SHMCF: 40A
See more of their work here

Sealand Gear
Founded by: Jasper Eales & Mike Schlebach
When: 2015
What: Bags and eco-fashion accessories
Binding principles: Environmentally responsible decision making, with a rule of placing the environment in the driver’s seat, and a focus to design and produce functional, quality product that is built to last a lifetime.
Origin of design aesthetic: Form follows function, with a focus on quality rather than quantity. Believers in the slow fashion movement and timeless design.
Materials used: Repurposed yacht sails, advertising billboards, truck tarpaulin, Bedouin stretch tents and various other waste materials that were destined for the landfill.
Entry level price: R100 — R2 500
Produced in: Cape Town
Number of makers per product: Sealand team/family consists of 26 people
Stand number at SHMCF: 42
Find more work here and there’s free shipping anywhere is SA

Butter Pudding
Founded by: Papama Ramogase
When: 2015
What: Kiddies Lifestyle Brand
Binding principles: To reassure African children that they are enough and to celebrate their heritage in globally relevant ways.
Origin of design aesthetic: Grounded in Africa but globally relevant
Materials used: Pure cottons all the way
Entry level price: R220
Produced in: South Africa
Number of makers per product: Four
Stall number at SHMCF: 46
Website here

Lulu & Marula
Founded by: Jesslynn Schlamm
When: 2013
What: A collection of 100% natural skincare, bath and body products
Binding principles: Simple is the new awesome. Natural is powerful. Handmade with care is better. The future is local.
Origin of design aesthetic: Fun, bold, eternally summer and South African
Materials used: Natural oils and raw cosmetics such as clay and shea butter
Entry level price: R60 for a lip balm
Produced in: Cape Town
Number of makers per product: One
Stall number at SHMCF: 62
Website here

BENA Loungewear
Founded by: Xan Fraser and Charlie Moore
When: 2015
What: Luxury sleepwear for women, kids and expectant mums
Binding principles: To bring classic and elegance back to down-time. Garments are stylish and feminine evoking feelings of pure relaxation and accomplishment.
Origin of design aesthetic: Classic European.
Materials used: 98% of our garments are natural. This season’s collection is made with superior quality cotton and rayons, a natural-based fabric made from the cellulose of wood pulp or cotton.
Entry level price: R360
Produced in: South Africa
Number of makers per product: Three
Stand number at SHMCF: 47
Website: www.bena.co.za

Matter Of Fakt
Founded by: Mary-Anne Grobler
When: 2013
What: Jewellery
Binding principles: Finding perfection in imperfection
Origin of design aesthetic: Namib Desert
Materials used: Brass, crystals, semiprecious stones
Entry level price: R150
Produced in: Cape Town
Number of makers per product: One to two
Stall number at SHMCF: 45
Website: matteroffakt.com

Handmade by Me
Founded by: Sera Holland
When: 2012
What: Bespoke textile design and
handmade interior products and fashion accessories
Binding principles: Home furnishings and fashion accessories, thoughtfully made in South Africa, with which to have fun
Origin of design aesthetic: I am influenced by art and fashion, the country I live in, and the world around me
Materials used: Mostly different 100% cotton or natural fibre fabrics, but we have increased our range to include products that incorporate other materials such as plastic, paper, melamine and cork. Our printing process is ecofriendly and everything is made locally.
Entry level price: From R120
Produced in: South Africa
Number of makers per product: One or two depending on the product
Stall number at SHMCF: 30
Website: handmadebyme.co.za

Ham Ethop
Founded by: Tsakani Mashaba
When: 2015
What: Handbags and shoes
Binding principles: Craftsmanship is top of mind when we make our products. We always draw from ancient African techniques of sewing, weaving and embroidery but our designs are contemporary.
Origin of design aesthetic: The African continent
Materials used: We use natural fabrics such as leather and cotton, beading material and we print our own fabrics on canvas.
Produced in: Johannesburg and Cape Town
Stand number at SHMCF: 47
Website: instagram.com/hamethop

The Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair runs from Friday October 14 to Sunday October 16 at the Hyde Park corner rooftop in Johannesburg. Tickets are R90 at the door or on webtickets.co.za.

For more information go to sanlamhmc.co.za