On our Lists: Zenning through Eric Lau's Soundcloud and exploring capitalist realism

ThEESatisfaction may no longer exist musically but they are still worth listening to. (Photo: Unknown)

ThEESatisfaction may no longer exist musically but they are still worth listening to. (Photo: Unknown)

The playlist

THEESatisfaction’s awE NaturalE: This hip-hop duo no longer exists as a musical act but this album, their debut released in 2012, is slowly starting to reveal its hidden nooks and crannies. If the whole thing doesn’t work for you, trust that the 1-2 combo of QueenS followed Existinct will knock you out cold. (KS)

Eric Lau’s Soundcloud: Having met the music producer as part of the Page 3 feature on him, I’ve been tuned into his Soundcloud account, in the hands of a man who has a heady mix that includes De La Soul and the Boiler Room DJ Set. I’ve had a very Zen sonic week at https://soundcloud.com/ericlaumusic (MB)

The reading list

Brené Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection: Trying to practise compassion and courage and training your mind to do better can sometimes lead you to the self-helpy aisles of Amazon.com — aisles that can destroy one’s street cred. But we are also the same people who project perfect exterior lives while our interior lives are in burn-slow turmoil. I’m not far into Brown’s book, a first-person guide on how compassion, courage and connection can be deployed to every situation in our everyday lives. (MB)

Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative: Mark Fisher, author, blogger (k-punk) and cultural critic, died recently. This thing of celebrating people only when they are dead really sucks. But I’m more interested in you reading the above-mentioned book. Here, Fisher brings the rampant march of capitalism to stark reality, melding pop-culture references and academic theory to slap you upside the head. (KS)

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