/ 29 September 2017

On our Lists this week: Miley Cyrus, Pharoah Sanders, and Rebel Girls

Funked up: Carl Hancock Rux' Asphalt.
Funked up: Carl Hancock Rux' Asphalt.


Happy Hippie Presents: Don’t Dream It’s Over (performed by Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande). Initially I wasn’t drawn to the suggestion when it popped up on my YouTube home page. Covers are cool but the original by Crowded House is one of those songs people shouldn’t mess with. But after an exhausting long weekend, the prospect of Miley and Ariana singing the golden oldie in onesies on an inflatable couch seemed it might induce a sense of relief. It has had me singing, swaying from side to side and smiling all week. (ZH)

Pharoah Sanders: Thembi. They say this album is his chillout moment, but that’s just because the track Astral Travelling has been known to kidnap people and never bring them back. If you do make it back, make sure it’s on time for the barefoot stomper that is Bailophone Dance. Five minutes of heaven on earth. (KS)


Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. You know how J Cole says: “Don’t save her/ She don’t wanna be saved” in No Role Modelz? My niece comes over every weekend and I got the book so I could read her these true fairy tales about heroines who didn’t need saving. From supermodels to scientists and athletes, this illustrated book tells real stories about women pursuing dreams, overcoming obstacles and basic slaying. (ZH)

Carl Hancock Rux: Asphalt. There is something about this book that is reminiscent of the club scenes in Descent, 25th Hour and Pariah. There is no common thread between the three films, and probably no connection to the book, which is fine because Rux does the same with plot. He sacrifices it for parades of images and lingering, immersive descriptions. The postapocalyptic New York conjured here never sounded so funked up, with an accompanying soundtrack woven into the pages. (KS)

The Lists were compiled by Friday writer Kwanele Sosibo and Friday intern Zaza Hlalethwa