Double standards: Why is there no #Somalia?

People surveying the rubble after the deadly bomb blast in Mogadishu, Somalia, on Saturday (AFP/Getty)

People surveying the rubble after the deadly bomb blast in Mogadishu, Somalia, on Saturday (AFP/Getty)

Almost 300 people were killed when a powerful bomb blast ripped through Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, on Saturday.

The attack marked the deadliest assault the country has ever witnessed.

Somalia has entered a three-day national mourning period for the victims, with around 300 more people also injured in the blast.

Dozens are missing, hospitals are running out of blood and anger is growing.

But social media users have asked: where is the collective outrage?

The attack in Somalia came little more than one week after a deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas, but many noted a quieter response to events in Mogadishu.

“We mourn with Somalia. 276 dead.
300 hurt. We confess that our tears are often limited to the West. Forgive us. We long for peace with you,” said Eugene Cho.

“You should be as devastated about the sheer loss of life in Somalia, as you were about the senseless killings in Vegas,” wrote Stacey Dooley, a British television presenter.

Some were also concerned by the low level of media coverage compared to other horrendous attacks.

Commentator and law professor Khaled Beydoun, compared noted that a bomb attack in Manchester, a nothern British city, was covered more widely.

Itayi Viriri, spokesman for the Interantional Organization for Migration, questioned why the Somalia attack did not make an impact on social media sites or with entertainers, who often tweet their support for attack victims and condolences.

Clint Smith, a PhD candidate at Harvard, tweeted: “Imagine if 250+ ppl in the US or UK or France were killed in a truck bomb. That’s what just happened in Somalia. They deserve to be mourned.”

Some users suggested that the world cares more when attack victims are white.

“Y’all only care with your little hashtags when it’s rich white people,” tweeted Lucas R.

“Perfect example of how global solidarity only comes into play when white people die,” said user @lex_looper.

“500+ casualties. The West cares about terrorism when a POC attacks white people, but is silent when the victims are POC. #Mogadishu #Somalia,” said user @InvictaVis.

@SimplyBerry said: “judging all brands who peaced when white people died but not today when brown people are in Somalia.” — Al Jazeera

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