Last Call for the Bellas

The Barden Bellas reunite on screen one more time (Pitch Perfect/ United International Pictures)

The Barden Bellas reunite on screen one more time (Pitch Perfect/ United International Pictures)

Take it from someone who has just come out of the rut: having it all together during your years at university almost always means nothing in the working world. If you were to remove the violence that comes with existing in these higher learning institutions, universities should offer the space and time to work, play and slay. There’s time to mess up and redeem yourself.

But once that’s over, one can easily struggle to find their place.
The Barden Bellas find themselves in such a dilemma, after graduating, in the new Pitch Perfect 3.

[Fat Amy and Beca have a moment after realising adulthood has its problems (United International Pictures)]

While Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, is unfulfilled in the space she works in as a music producer; Rebel Wilson’s character, Fat Amy, has resorted to street performance to make a living. And with all the other Bellas similarly feeling like shadows of their college selves, the team uses news of a United Service Organisation European tour — that a well known DJ has organised for the American troops — as a reason for one more showdown.

By accepting this challenge the ensemble is subject to competing with bands that have instruments and sing original songs along with getting roped into Fat Amy’s daddy issues. 

[The Bellas face seasoned all-women band Ever Moist at the USO (United International Pictures)]

Apart from the giggle and bursts of laughter here, Pitch Perfect 3 is something look forward to — especially the fight scene and Rebel Wilson taking the lead this time around.

Once again the group of women congregate, in the midst of their personal challenges, to support one another while doing the one thing they love. And with celebrity appearances such as DJ Khaled, Trinidad James and Ruby Rose, the final Pitch Perfect instalment is a much watch over the holidays.

Pitch Perfect 3 will only be released in South African theatres on December 22 2017.