​Unembargoed: April 20 to 25 2018

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Free to read!

KPMG exec embroiled in VBS probe

An amount of R177m is missing in a complex money trail that jumps from Namibia to SA

Ingonyama head bends lease rules

His company had, since 2016, failed to pay rent for a service station on trust land, but he got a long-term lease anyway

Slice of life: ‘I sought my own slave saint’

‘People always ask how can I look like a white person, but not be white’

Homeless trans folk out in the cold

Though the word ‘shelter’ is equated with a safe space, in reality it is often the opposite

Hawks target Mnangagwa’s rescuer

The man who once sheltered Zimbabwe’s new president has allegedly committed a multimillion-rand fraud

No job for sex predator principal

The former headmaster of a Gauteng school has lost his fight in the labour court to be reinstated

Call for probe as pads pile up in KZN

With too many sanitary towels but no money for effective teaching, unions are alleging corruption

Ignored and sent home in a barrow

It’s just another day for weary Mahikeng locals who are used to being treated with indignity

We’re being purged, say JZ’s people

But the former president’s supporters are fighting back, particularly in KZN

Young lions could hold early polls

Names of candidates have been put forward, with some in the mother body naming their favourites

Chinese company joins race to steer self-driving cars

China’s e-commerce giant, Alibaba, is steering resources towards driverless car technology

Succession fight seeks royal solution

Delicate behind-the-scenes talks may result in the decade-long court dispute over the Mbuyazi chieftainship being resolved in the next few weeks


Bridging the gap between life and breath

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children die gasping for air. This could help to change that.

Is this the price of Supra’s defiance?

Why Supra Mahumapelo may hold his fate and that of his province in his hands.


The return of Zim’s white farmers

Many white farmers were forced off the land by aggressive land redistribution policies and violent attacks. Now some are coming back

Challenge damns Lesotho water project

Basotho companies claim they are being prejudiced and want the high court to intervene

Police catch a thief with his pants down

The suspect was apprehended at his Kampala home as he tried to escape out of his bedroom window

Botswana’s electoral disconnect

By disconnecting presidential terms from electoral cycles, ruling parties in Botswana and South Africa preserve the ‘incumbency effect’


Calls mount to split auditing firms

Analysts say there is a conflict of interest between their auditing functions and advisory services

Labour tenants to be first in line

They live on the land and till the land, but don’t own the land. Expropriation could remedy this

African Bank CEO up for a challenge

Critical to success is a roll-out of transactional offerings and securing refinancing

Finding wealth in a sea of poverty

The Davis tax committee says accurate data is needed before a wealth tax can be introduced.


Winnie’s death a chance for us to introspect

Judging her by long-held patriarchal standards only exposes our society’s misogynistic gaze

Editorial: It is time that we listen and learn

We find ourselves in a vitriolic debate about our history —who did what, why did they do it, who can be trusted and who sold out

A brave, ‘activist’ judge

In numerous civil and criminal cases, Ramon Leon gave exemplary judgments and was noted for his wisdom, fairness and justice

State spies are ever with us

The infiltration of the media did not end with the demise of the apartheid government’s Stratcom operation

Letter to the editor: April 20 to 26

Our reader writes in about how Prasa will need to put passenger service back on track

Coalitions will become the new normal

A few scenarios are most likely though they will each have very different outcomes

It’s time to queer psychology and new LGBTI guidelines will achieve this

The guidelines will assist professionals to learn new ways of seeing and unlearn old practices

Fifth Column: ‘Now arriving: Mama Winnie Airport”

“All members in favour of renaming Cape Town International Airport to Project Runway, say aye,” the leader of the renaming committee said.

Foundation phase calls for new idea

The manner of testing children focuses on what they know and ignores their potential to learn

The cold shadow of exclusion

It is black students at the University of the Free State who cannot complete their degrees


SA passport, British visa application

Zukiswa Wanner reveals the lengths we go through in an excerpt from, “Hardly Working: A travel memoir of sorts”

Utopia rocked small-town US

When obsessed followers of an Indian mystic meet self-righteous Americans things get dirty and nasty

#MeToo-era Pulitzers give Trump one on the nose

This year the Pulitzer juries responded to the zeitgeist of the Donald Trump era, awarding prizes to works that appraise perhaps the most notable pitfall of the man’s presidency — a society that finds itself increasingly divided along the faultlines of race and gender.

The indefatigable taxi is a symbol of defiance

Their history follows the trajectory of the struggle and they are an ever-present reminder of people power, writes Zaza Hlalethwa

Melodic meditations on black lives lived in spiritual exile

Jazz musician Thandi Ntuli’s latest offering brings together the broken parts of the South African psyche and makes them beautiful

A jazz tale: The folly of calling mastery and arrogance

A chance comment about Nduduzo Makhathini reveals the ignorant disdain in which many people hold those who succeed

Avengers: Infinity capitalism

Over and over, the old tropes are trotted out in films, with modern and ‘civilised’ always triumphing. Has anyone noticed the world has changed?


Furman unruffled by adversity

Some fans aren’t happy with his no-frills style of play, but this hard slogger’s caps speak volumes

Upstarts now face real tests

Maritzburg United and Free State Stars have earned the right to the final challenge

An appreciation of Colin Bland

He was, and remains, a fielder without peer, one who anticipated shots before the batsmen even took them

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